[SCAN] B.A.P Interview in Japanese Star1 Magazine

[TRANS] Interview
We want to check B.A.P’s power with their Pacific Tour

Q: It’s not just in Korea, but you are incredibly popular overseas as well, why do you think that is?
– Bang Yongguk: We’re honored to be asked this. To be honest, we haven’t realized real popularity yet. Of course, we can feel all of our (overseas) fans’ love, but whether it’s a love for K-Pop in general, or for B.A.P, I don’t really know.
– Young Jae: Yeah. When I heard that this current album “One Shot” has been number 1 in America, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other countries, I was really surprised. When I heard that the tickets for the concerts in America and Japan were sold out, I got goose bumps. But as Yongguk-hyung said, is that K-Pop’s popularity or our own popularity, I guess we want to see when we go one tour.

Q: You have concerts in different foreign countries, but are you studying any foreign languages?
– Himchan: Lately all the members have been into studying languages. Especially Japanese and English.
– Zelo: Within our members, it’s kind of a study contest so we’re all doing our very best (laughs). Whichever country it is, as much as we study it’s very difficult, but it’s still really fun.

Q: Who is the most popular member overseas?
– YJ: I think all our members are pretty even. When you look at all 6 of us together, our personalities are very distinct, it doesn’t seem like one member is the most popular.

Q: It’s being called LTE level growth, the speed that you rose in popularity, what do you think makes B.A.P different from other idols?
– YG: That’s to do with the feel of music, right? Because our message and our music has been put together and compliments the other, it creates a very strong feeling, I think. Our dancing is also very powerful, but other groups go for a cute and bright image I think. When you look at it that way, our group is different.

Q: With your debut last year, you haven’t had any breaks. Since you have no off time, do you feel any dissatisfaction?
– Jong Up: We’re actually very thankful. Even though we’re rookies, (our company) believed in us, supported us, and gave us satisfactory promotions. Also, even our fans have been worried about our lack of rest, but it doesn’t mean we don’t rest. On our days off we exercise or practice, also it feel like time off when we travel overseas (laughs). We are enjoying every day.

Q: Your Solo concert in Seoul wrapped up successfully. What are some thoughts or regrets on that?
– Daehyun: “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul” was our first solo concert, so it was an indescribably feeling. Since we were kids we dreamed of being on stage, and for that day to come, it’s impossible to forget.
– YJ: Since Himchan was injured, we couldn’t be together from beginning to end, so I regret that. Standing on stage with the 6 of us together, it was the time I realized how thankful I am…

Q: How is Himchan’s injury? Has it healed?
– HC: Yes! It’s gotten much better. Everyday I wanted to meet our fans soon, so I felt I must do my best to get better. There were many people who were worried about me. Thank you so much.

Q: Is there any country you have never been to that you want to perform in…?
– Z: I want to go to Europe and have a concert. It’s not on the schedule for the Pacific tour, but I heard that Europe’s reaction (to us?) was very good. There are people in Europe who know about and love us, that’s a real honor. If we can go do a concert in Europe I will be so happy.

Q: Please give a message to your Japanese fans?
– HC: All our fans in Japan! We are counting down the days until we can meet you. To meet your expectations we will do our best, please wait a little longer! Please continue to love and support us. Let’s meet soon!!

cr: www.bapyessir.com (By Nicole)


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