[SCAN] B.A.P Interview in Japanese Star1 Magazine

[TRANS] Interview
We want to check B.A.P’s power with their Pacific Tour

Q: It’s not just in Korea, but you are incredibly popular overseas as well, why do you think that is?
– Bang Yongguk: We’re honored to be asked this. To be honest, we haven’t realized real popularity yet. Of course, we can feel all of our (overseas) fans’ love, but whether it’s a love for K-Pop in general, or for B.A.P, I don’t really know.
– Young Jae: Yeah. When I heard that this current album “One Shot” has been number 1 in America, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other countries, I was really surprised. When I heard that the tickets for the concerts in America and Japan were sold out, I got goose bumps. But as Yongguk-hyung said, is that K-Pop’s popularity or our own popularity, I guess we want to see when we go one tour.

Q: You have concerts in different foreign countries, but are you studying any foreign languages?
– Himchan: Lately all the members have been into studying languages. Especially Japanese and English.
– Zelo: Within our members, it’s kind of a study contest so we’re all doing our very best (laughs). Whichever country it is, as much as we study it’s very difficult, but it’s still really fun.

Q: Who is the most popular member overseas?
– YJ: I think all our members are pretty even. When you look at all 6 of us together, our personalities are very distinct, it doesn’t seem like one member is the most popular.

Q: It’s being called LTE level growth, the speed that you rose in popularity, what do you think makes B.A.P different from other idols?
– YG: That’s to do with the feel of music, right? Because our message and our music has been put together and compliments the other, it creates a very strong feeling, I think. Our dancing is also very powerful, but other groups go for a cute and bright image I think. When you look at it that way, our group is different.

Q: With your debut last year, you haven’t had any breaks. Since you have no off time, do you feel any dissatisfaction?
– Jong Up: We’re actually very thankful. Even though we’re rookies, (our company) believed in us, supported us, and gave us satisfactory promotions. Also, even our fans have been worried about our lack of rest, but it doesn’t mean we don’t rest. On our days off we exercise or practice, also it feel like time off when we travel overseas (laughs). We are enjoying every day.

Q: Your Solo concert in Seoul wrapped up successfully. What are some thoughts or regrets on that?
– Daehyun: “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul” was our first solo concert, so it was an indescribably feeling. Since we were kids we dreamed of being on stage, and for that day to come, it’s impossible to forget.
– YJ: Since Himchan was injured, we couldn’t be together from beginning to end, so I regret that. Standing on stage with the 6 of us together, it was the time I realized how thankful I am…

Q: How is Himchan’s injury? Has it healed?
– HC: Yes! It’s gotten much better. Everyday I wanted to meet our fans soon, so I felt I must do my best to get better. There were many people who were worried about me. Thank you so much.

Q: Is there any country you have never been to that you want to perform in…?
– Z: I want to go to Europe and have a concert. It’s not on the schedule for the Pacific tour, but I heard that Europe’s reaction (to us?) was very good. There are people in Europe who know about and love us, that’s a real honor. If we can go do a concert in Europe I will be so happy.

Q: Please give a message to your Japanese fans?
– HC: All our fans in Japan! We are counting down the days until we can meet you. To meet your expectations we will do our best, please wait a little longer! Please continue to love and support us. Let’s meet soon!!

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[Interview END] B.A.P Boda Magazine April Edition

Because Himchan had to pull out from the concert due to his injury, I’m really curious on how the members reacted when they first found out. I thought that Himchan’s way with words was definitely needed during the concert.

Himchan: Not just our second album, but due to my injury I wasn’t able to stand on stage for the solo concert also which really couldn’t be described in words of how disappointed I was. I’m sure that the members were more disappointed, considering that we practiced really hard together but they became a really big encouragement and strength to me. If not for the members, I think I’d be in greater hardships.

 You were eventually in a position of watching the performance rather than performing for it, so how did it feel watching the members perform?

Himchan: First off, I was so proud of the members and I saw things I couldn’t see when we performed together. I thought of how the members of B.A.P were improving a lot and just the thought of it is a new feeling and the members made me proud. Also, it made me think about getting better faster to stand on stage.

 Do you think there would be a drastic change if you were standing on stage?

Himchan: Talking? Haha, I’m kidding. I don’t think there was a special need for that and considering I already had my own time to read my letter for the fans, I continued to think that I was with them the entire time.

 Even during the fan club inauguration, I always say Himchan as the ‘bad boy’ who tamed fans so expertly. I know it was because he felt apologetic, but his letter seemed so earnest that it made me think it wasn’t very Himchan-like. Now that I’m asking, do you regret any portion of the letter?

Himchan: Haha, did my letter seem to earnest? It’s because during my time off due to my injury, I began thinking a lot and I wanted to share my honest feelings to our fans of what I was thinking which is why I wrote what I’ve been thinking as of lately. I don’t regret anything in the letter, although I will write a more fun letter next time!

 The concert seemed really focused on the theme of B.A.P coming from outer space so how are we supposed to take in the indie rock band to this?

Youngjae: As I said before, the theme of this concert was the experiences B.A.P encountered after they landed on Earth from outer space and the collaborative stage with the rock band was a collaborated plan with the strong warriors of Earth to fight off this dangerous Earth in order to deliver B.A.P’s message.

 The highlight of this concert was the unveiling of Bang Yongguk’s abs. There was an explosive response – were you expecting it? Also, what kind of efforts did you put into making your abs?

Bang Yongguk: After promising to reveal my abs once winning a rookie award, a lot of people were curious and anticipating it. I wanted to act upon it where the fans would be so I didn’t do it so quickly. I wanted to show a cooler image to the fans so I had to keep my promise a little later than intended, but I did focus on building my body. I worked out a lot and cut down on my eating. If you look at the scene where I rip my shirt off during the first solo concert, the image didn’t seem so bad. I’m glad the fans liked it.

 Youngjae promised to show his abs in the next concert. When will this be? I’m sure there will be comparison photos with Bang Yongguk’s abs, so are you confident in defeating him?

Youngjae: In talking on the subject, it somehow led to me promising to show my abs but I’m not confident in defeating Yongguk hyung. I am however working out despite the busy schedule and I hope there will be no comparison photos haha.

 Senior artists Secret from your company seemed to dote on their juniors more so than others do. Were they of any special help for the concert?

Daehyun: Despite having busy schedules, Secret seniors came to not just our fan club inauguration, but also our concert and that itself was a big help. When we run into each other in broadcasts or in the company, they never fail to give us advice and in having four good seniors make me feel very confident.

 You have a Japan concert in the lineup. Will there be a difference between the one you held in Korea? Also, what kind of efforts are you putting in?

Himchan: For me, I studied Japanese a lot during my time off. In learning Japanese, I found it very fun and the ardor for studying the language that the members have is amazing as well.

Zelo: I’m also having a lot of fun studying Japanese. Since all of the members are studying together, we do have slight competition which helps each other improve.

Bang Yongguk: We’re planning very detailed of the concert since this is our first time introducing ourselves to the Japanese fans and we want to make a good impression. As for the details of the actual concert, it’s a secret for now.

 What kind of side do you want to show of yourselves through this concert?

Daehyun: I want people to think thoughts such as “B.A.P is a team that really works hard musically” and “They’re a group with a wide spectrum of music” will satisfy me. Right now, we still have a long way to go and I’ll be thankful for them even seeing the start of it generously.

 What are your plans for the future?

Jongup: Right now, we’re holding fan signings while promoting our second mini album ‘ONE SHOT’ and I find this a good opportunity for us to see fans up close in so many places. After ending promotions for the album, we’ll have a quick break before we hold a ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH’ tour. This year, we plan on meeting fans overseas a lot so I’m very nervous.

 Lastly, I ask you leave a word for your Korean fans and the Japanese fans who await you.

Youngjae: To the fans who love B.A.P, we as B.A.P are always happy promoting in receiving your love. We will work harder in showing a better side to ourselves so you’ll promise to be with us, right? 

Himchan: And also to our fans in Japan, we’re always checking your love through the fan café or SNS. Soon we’ll be able to introduce ourselves in Japan and I’m really nervous as well as anticipating it, so see you soon! Thank you.





[Interview Part 2] B.A.P Boda Magazine April Edition

The beginning of the concert was mainly targeted towards those of their 10s and as time passed by, an indie band featured in the concert and it seemed that the age demographics were heightened. Was that done purposefully?

Himchan: Rather than thinking that we did it with a motive, we were debating on what other ways we can show B.A.P’s color and in seeing our (collaborative) stage, people probably saw us as dynamic. For the opening of our concert, we wanted to go back to the concept of our roots which was landing on earth from space, which is also why our theme for the concert was ‘NO MORE RAIN, NO MORE CRY.’ This is why we started off with ‘Warrior’ and created a stage where people of all ages can relate and feel the emotions we felt through our experiences of Earth in coming from outer space. Thankfully we received greater responses than expected so we were able to really enjoy the concert and have fun.

It’s very unique to have an indie rock band collaborate for an idol concert. Thanks to your concert, I felt like I was at a hip hop club.

Youngjae: If you felt that way, then our plan was a success. As Himchan hyung said, we had two main targets for our concert: to show the side of B.A.P as it is but also being able to communicate with the crowd. You can see the collaboration with the indie rock band as a part of our effortful plans. Also if you listen to our music, there are a lot of instances where hip hop meets rock. We tried to savor that charm as best as we could live and in seeing the audience enjoy it, I’m very proud.

When the concert was nearing a close, I got a feeling that B.A.P was far away from being an idol. Is there any disadvantages to being an idol? I especially want to hear from Bang Yongguk.

Bang Yongguk: I said this in a different interview before but B.A.P wants to become “an idol that thrive to be musicians.” In order for us to be acknowledged musicians, then I think we can give ourselves a score but to achieve that, we must study how to compose lyrics and music but also not be picky with our music in trying various genres of music rather than sticking to one position, to which we’re trying our best right now. We hope to continue in diligently working hard musically to show to everyone so we hope you can look over us warmly.

But Bang Yongguk himself said at the press conference that your music isn’t very mainstream and left the reporters shocked in saying so naturally how your group lacks with words. You seemed very confident in your words, but could you tell us a little more detailed of what you meant?

Bang Yongguk: Were the reporters shocked because I was just telling the honest truth? Haha. Usually our musical color holds the message we want to send to society or just has a heavy aura to it which is probably why the public feels it’s far from mainstream. Meanwhile, as you can probably tell, we have a strong sense of pride for our music so we’re working harder on finding ways to maintain B.A.P’s unique color, but also approach the public a bit easier.

I want to hear the happiest moments during the concert from each member. Was there an anecdote?

Bang Yongguk: In showcasing my self-composed song as a solo stage was my happiest moment. Of course, it is also known as the stage where I showed my abs but to me, it was a stage where I showed my self-composed song alone and it held great meaning. It seemed like many people were really enjoying my stage.

Himchan: During the encore stage, they gave me time to read my letter. Because I had injured my hand, I was only able to participate in ballad performances and as any other member, I was also excited for this upcoming comeback with ‘ONE SHOT’ so I think that’s why they gave me my own separate time. After deliberating all night, I wrote my letter but when I read it out loud on the stage, I tried to hold it in as much as I could in not wanting to show a weaker side to myself. However, seeing the tears of fans with worrying looks, I just…I think that time was a very important but also grateful time for me since I was able to let others listen to my heart. I’m thankful to the members and I’m also very thankful to BABYs.

Daehyun: We performed about 3 songs in the beginning with our first set of outfits. As I was preparing my next stage with Yongguk hyung, we only had 40 seconds. In midst of all of this, we had to wear suits too and I really don’t know how time passed by but I was able to perform on stage with Yongguk hyung as if nothing happened which is still a question to me to this day haha.

Youngjae: For me, there’s no special moment as from opening to the ending of the concert, every moment was really enjoyable and I really thought to myself, “I wish we can go longer” when we were bidding our farewells at the end. Also, when we were bowing to the crowd with all the members and the dancer hyungs, no one was lifting their heads so I thought for a second, “Is everyone praying?” Haha. It was really fun and I want to do it again.

Jongup: For me, it was when I was walking around with the placard a fan had given me with the words “I’m sorry I’m good looking” written on it. I saw that a lot of photos were taken of that moment later on and I thought it was fun.

Zelo: For me, it was when I read the letter I had written to my parents for our first solo concert. I was a little embarrassed for my parents to listen to it at the concert but for me to be able to tell them everything that I couldn’t in the past, it was a meaningful time for me. I heard my parents cried a lot while I read my letter to them.

Although there were good responses from the performances done by the vocal combo Daehyun and Youngjae doing ‘Price Tag’ and the magnae line Zelo and Jongup performing ‘Jump,’ I think there was still a bit of disappointment that these weren’t songs from B.A.P.

Daehyun: Because it was the first unit stage for the vocal line, we put a lot of heart and soul into it. We debated a lot in what music fit with us the best and after much deliberation, we were satisfied with the results. Although we don’t have plans on releasing a duet song just yet, I think it’ll be fun.

Jongup: Although the songs in B.A.P’s albums are good, we wanted to show a new side to us because it was our very own first solo concert. After discussing with Zelo endlessly, we created the stage ourselves and I thought it was a really fun experience.





[interview Part 1] B.A.P boda magazine april edition

“a grand wrap-up interview with rookie b.a.p”
“We were greedy to communicate with music rather than words”

B.A.P was quiet but strong. Although it was a brutal year for rookies in 2012, they were on a different scale in successfully holding their (debut) showcase to their very own solo concert. This was beyond the progress that any other idol in their first year into their debut has achieved and this is also the reason why we continue to be curious of B.A.P. While questions were being tossed back and forth, what we felt through this interview was that they weren’t as quiet as we thought them out to be, and that they’re a group beyond what we imagine.

First off, we can’t just not mention how you guys swept the rookie awards at the end of the year. That itself is an amazing situation, so how did you feel then and what were the responses from your surroundings?

Bang Yongguk: It really was an amazing situation. We always said that winning the rookie awards was our goal since our debut but to think that we’d really receive it, we didn’t even imagine it. we couldn’t believe it either and although we were happy, those in our surroundings were even happier for us.

The industry somewhat expected the results so I’m sure that you guys at least had a ‘gut feeling’ that maybe you’ll win the rookie awards this year, right?

Daehyun: We heard from our surroundings that they thought B.A.P will win the rookie awards but each time, I’d just think, “Nah, there’s no way.” I was worried that in expecting it and not achieving the results expected, I’d be disappointed from it. Also, a lot of groups made their debut in 2012 and that counted for why we couldn’t have a ‘gut feeling’ on how the results would come out.

You can only win a rookie award once in your life and B.A.P was able to perfectly achieve that. Didn’t you feel sorry since there were a lot of groups in 2012 that made their debut?

Youngjae: I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel sorry. We believe that the groups that made their debut in the same year as us are our partners and because we made our debut within the same period of time, we’re able to relate better and share tips based off of our own experiences. We hope that we can all succeed in the future.

You had a restless 2012 in promoting endlessly more than anyone else. Was there still a disappointing moment?

Jongup: We spent our 2012 really busily and it was disappointing that we weren’t able to show a more perfected side to us. We always prepare our best and showcase it but when we look back, there are disappointing moments so we’ll just have to work harder to not have those disappointing moments.

From PSY to Big Bang, 2012 was filled with healing music, a plethora of idols making their debut, the rift between Japan and Korea, and the overall year being a brutal year for rookies. Did B.A.P have a set goal?

Himchan: We’re a group that doesn’t have a great impact to our surroundings. We promote with the mindset in working hard to create a performance with no regrets every time. It’s true that 2012 wasn’t the easiest year, but I don’t think it was greatly detrimental to us.

The responses internationally are grand as well. You didn’t even promote overseas that much from what I recall, so how did you feel when you first heard of it?

Daehyun: We heard the news of us topping charts overseas not too long after our debut but at the time, it felt surreal. And in July of last year at Malaysia, we held our first showcase and seeing our names on placards as well as banners in airports shocked me greatly.

Zelo: We filmed a reality program before our debut and that program was broadcasted to 8 countries in Asia so I think there were a lot of people who recognized us through the program.

There were a lot of reporters who flew in for your press conference. It seemed that you all were pretty shocked at how active they were in asking questions – how did you feel at the time?

Bang Yongguk: Yes, I was very surprised at the press conference. We were very thankful just at the thought of them flying in to watch our solo concert. It made me think a lot in how I should work harder to showcase a better image to repay all of the unworthy love and attention we receive.

Now, let’s move on to the talk about the concert. The solo concert that B.A.P has been wishing and dreaming of has successfully ended. Does it feel refreshing?

Daehyun: Not so much refreshing, but I felt extremely happy and a little disappointed. It was a stage we dreamed of since we were younger and it still feels surreal that we ended our solo concert. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it.

You promoted without any breaks whatsoever and I would think that taking time out to prepare for your concert would be difficult. How did you rearrange your schedule? Were there any difficulties of it?

Youngjae: Because our comeback with our second mini album ‘ONE SHOT’ collided with our concert, there wasn’t much time but it wasn’t detrimental to preparing for the concert since we did have a big time gap in preparing for our mini album.

Zelo: Everyone was really pumped about the new album and concert so we didn’t realize how difficult it was and had fun preparing for them.

Without much talk, I feel that your solo concert was very focused on music. I thought it to be a very challenging concert for an idol group but the responses from the crowd were amazing. Were you expecting it? I’m also curious on how you planned the concert.

Bang Yongguk: B.A.P as a group overall doesn’t really talk much, instead I think that we show more of ourselves through music. We’re not very good at talking either and we had a greater greed to communicate with the audience through music rather than words.

Jongup: If you look at it, it can be a big challenge but when we wrapped up our concert, I think people enjoyed the concert because we had this side to us and in seeing that made me feel relieved.





[interview] 130318 – B.A.P who swept all the 2012 rookie awards

[interview] 130318 – b.a.p who swept all the 2012 rookie awards “complaints towards the company for forcing it? we’re actually thankful”

The male idol group, B.A.P, has secured their spot as rookies who brightly shined the 2012 music industry. 

After revealing their debut song ‘Warrior’ in January of last year, B.A.P won the rookie award during the 22nd Seoul Music Awards on January 31st, and swept the rookie awards for various end-of-the-year award ceremonies.

They received awards such as the best new boyband on an English K-POP site, Allkpop, and the 2012 K-POP rookie award on a German site, receiving acknowledgement from even their overseas fans.

With this popularity, they tasted the happiness of holding their first solo concert at the Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Hall on the 23rd and 24th of last month. I asked B.A.P, who are currently gaining popularity through their new song ‘ONE SHOT’, about their thoughts and plans for 2013.

– You guys basically received all the rookie awards from award ceremonies last year.

“We received love to the point where it felt like too much. To be honest, we feel a bit of self-respect. This is because we really worked hard, and feel that good results came out. Although we’re just rookies who have only debuted a year ago, we plan to show a more improved and matured side to ourselves during 2013 for our fans who showed a lot of interest.”

– You promoted last year without any rest. Do you have any complaints towards the company for enforcing this?

“Complaints wouldn’t even make sense. We only feel thankful. We wanted to promote without any time for rest. Although there were times when we wanted to rest, we feel that our tension has been released every time we think something like that. We feel more sad in not being able to promote more diligently.”

– What’s the secret behind B.A.P’s popularity?

“We feel that it’s a different style of music than other groups. Although we occasionally do music that appeals to the public, the fierce and hardcore music colors of B.A.P is our innate style. I would like to think that the secret behind our popularity is that we constantly showed that kind of musical color. Also, it seems like overseas fans also like B.A.P’s own strong and manly style as well.”

– You guys held a solo concert only a year after debuting.

“Holding a solo concert is a dream for every singer. Although we wanted to hold one ever since our debut days, we didn’t know that we would hold one so quickly. Although we worked hard as well, we feel thankful and proud for the staff members who worked together to prepare it well.”

– Your plans for promotions this year?

“After finishing ‘One Shot’ promotions, we plan to hold a concert tour in various nations and not only in Asia. If given the opportunity, we wish to hold concerts in Europe and South America as well. We will be holding our first solo concert in Japan at Yokohama on May 24th. We’ve never released an album in Japan, so we feel more nervous that we will be meeting Japanese fans through this performance.”

– Your wishes for this year?

“Because it’s only been a year since we debuted, young people know who we are, but older generations still do not know about us as well. That’s why we would like to inform people about B.A.P’s existence through music that embraces all generations. We would also like to strengthen B.A.P’s existence to overseas fans through amazing performances.”

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[ENG TRANS] B.A.P SOTY Interview Questions


Q: You said that you like a woman with morals, but were you saying that her body and face needs to look morally correct? (Also, we saw a picture where you were smiling among a bunch of pretty women with nice bodies!)
Yongguk: When I was filming the music video, I filmed it with a foreigner wearing a bikini. When we were taking a commemoration picture, I honestly wasn’t smiling because I was with them. It was taken while I was talking with the directors, it was coincidentally taken, but I looked really happy. That’s why many people saw it, and asked if I was happy when I’m with pretty girls with nice bodies, but that’s not true. It’s not that I think of them as morally correct if they have nice bodies and pretty faces, but that I truly like people with kind hearts.

Q: You said last year that you wanted to get the newcomer award last year, and you have achieved that goal. If B.A.P has a new goal this year, what is it?
Yongguk: First off, we don’t really have an obsessions over rankings musically. Because I personally don’t have an obsession about what ranking our songs are at, I just want to do a lot of overseas activities, and my goal is for our songs to not just be songs in Asia, but become global music in other nations as well. So my goal is to improve a lot musically this year, and do a lot of overseas promotions.

Q: I heard that you received permission from your CEO to marry early in a few years, is this true?
Daehyun: That’s- I think something got confused, but I said during our concert, no wait, was it our showcase? During our concert, I slightly said that. But what I said then was, I think I said that I want to get married as soon as possible later on. I think that got misinterpreted, and it misunderstood like that ㅎㅎㅎ. In conclusion! I just want to get married quickly.

Q: Have you ever thought about at what age? Like at what age-
Daehyun: Around… my early… 30’s? Early 30’s. (nod nod)

Q: When you filmed the music video, were there any difficult points?
Daehyun: When we filmed the music video, we went to the Philippines this time, and recorded it at a place called Manila. There was a scene where we rode a yacht. There was a scene like that, so I felt excited and that it was fun, because it was my first time riding it. But it was a scene that we took with actresses, and I was so tense, because it was the first time. Truthfully, I think it was difficult to not have been able to film it naturally.

Q: You betrayed the members in the music video, how did you feel about that?
Youngjae: That’s just acting. That’s why I didn’t really think anything about it.

Q: Didn’t you feel something special?
Youngjae: My character is normally a bit… uh… ㅎㅎ A character that goes behind the members’ backs, so… I think the company gave me that role after knowing my character. That’s why I happily betrayed the members like I normally would.

Q: Make an acrostic with Baby!
Youngjae: (T/N: he made an acrostic and said, “It’s a secret that Babys are pretty.”)


Q: What do you promise to do if you win 1st place?
Jongup: A promise.. Uh… We’ll switch around and sing each other’s parts-

Q: But if you had to pick one person’s parts, who would it be?
Jongup: I’ve never done it before.

Interviewer: Ah, alright. Seems like it’ll be very fun
Jongup: Yes~ Practice.. ㅎㅎ


Q: What do you think about noona fans?
Zelo: Uh- First off, there are fans who are younger than me, and fans who are older than me, but I’m thankful to everyone for liking me, without discriminating whether or not they’re noona fans.

Q: How old can you go up to?
Zelo: I never really thought about that, I think I just like them all.

Q: Which member goes on the fancafe the most or has the most love for fans?
Zelo: All of us- we all have extreme love for our fans.

Q: But if you had to pick one member?
Zelo: (In the middle of thinking) ….Erm…. … … Me?! ^____^

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[interview] 130212 – olleh music brunch – B.A.P – The album “By B.A.P”, “From B.A.P”, “For B.A.P”


Q: Please introduce your second mini album.

A: Our second mini album has a total of five songs, including ‘Rain Sound’, which was prereleased not too long ago. As much as it is the second mini album that we’re revealing, we worked hard to put in a lot of B.A.P’s various colors and genres. You’ll probably be able to choose a song to your liking.

Q: If there’s a key point in the title song, ‘ONE SHOT, what is it?
A: ‘One Shot’ is a song with strong hip-hop beats, and has a message that tells young people to show as much passion as they can in order to grasp onto the opportunities given to them in life. We also prepared strong choreography for this title song as well, which can be said to be B.A.P’s weapon, and through this, we’re trying hard to show a more powerful and creative sides to ourselves.

Q: How did you feel on getting 12 rookie awards besides the ones in Korea as 2012 ended?
A: To be honest, it’s still hard to believe. Because a lot of rookie artists debuted last year, all we did was work hard on every album in order to make people aware of who we were. So we think it to be a very honorable and thankful year, because these good results came out.

Q: Are you preparing well for your first solo concert?
A: Yes, since our concert’s on the 23rd and 24th, there isn’t much time left, so we feel very nervous, but we’re also anticipating it a lot as well. We will show a lot of sides to us that we haven’t been able to previously show on broadcasts before, and because the greed to make the best show is bigger than anything else, we’re preparing with a lot of people. I think you should anticipate our first solo concert a lot.

Q: Talk about your promotion plans for 2013.
A: We plan to start album promotions in February, and continue promoting steadily. Since we’re preparing in order to visit overseas fans often, we would be thankful if you could give a lot of interest and affection towards B.A.P, and watch over us.

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