• This is one of Baekhyun’s Cyworld post in 2005. Title: “The cat is sick.” Content: “Our apartment is on the seventh floor. It was a stray cat, so I don’t know if the cleaning lady hit the cat or something. But when I took it to a clinic, they said that the area near its hip area was injured. ㅠㅠ Whenever it pees, it bleeds too. Please tell me how much it costs to have it go through surgery…The clinic says it costs over $300…ㅠㅠ I need a reply fast. Please…ㅠㅠ”


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“Okay, I’m here to write my fanacc, and I hope everyone will stop worrying, I’m also a fan, and understand how emotional the homepage (tlist) is when he suddenly appeared after being missing for 20 days. I decided to post the photo I’ve taken to assure you all, and now writing this fanacc to answer the questions you all have, and to share about how heartwarming Wu Yifan is:)

Regarding the location, my conscience does not allow me to disclose it, and I believe everyone also hope that there won’t be too many people bothering him, since this is a personal trip afterall. Even if you guys managed to figure out, don’t spread it around, thanks. For this, I’ll use xx for the place where we met, and oo for our destination.

Before the New Year holidays, he was already “missing”, without showing his face, and only rumours had him in oo, but there was not a single photo of him to confirm that. I also struggled with myself whether or not to upload the photo I’ve taken, but in the perspective of a fan, I thought this photo will be a comfort booster, so I did.

Even though before this I’ve heard that he is in oo, I never went out to find him, so I’m emphasizing that I didn’t go out on purpose to find him, hope you guys understand. I totally didn’t expect to see him at xx.
I went to xx for the New Year, and only returned to oo today. When my mum and my sis were queueing up for the tickets, I went to the toilet alone.

On the way to the toilet, I saw one guy sitting at the place near the walkway, as for the hair colour, it is somewhere in between dark brown and black. He has a high nosebridge, with sunglasses on, listening to music through his earphones, really handsome. I suddenly had this feeling- don’t tell me it’s Kris? Taking a closer look, he has a blue plushie inside his bag!! The one that fans spotted him carrying before! So I was sure that it is him.

I dashed into the toilet, in disbelief, but only held in for 5 seconds and came out. Because this might be the only chance of seeing him.

I went back and he was gone. Then looking again, I saw him queueing up, to buy the ticket. I followed.
Standing 2m away, I could feel his height. He is really tall. I didn’t know if I should call his name. I finally said Kris softly, but maybe because he was listening to the music he couldn’t hear me.

With little confidence, I stood far away. When I thought he was leaving I hurriedly took out my phone and took out that photo. It was blurry, but thank you all for believing me. It was easy to recognise him with that height and pose, right? For the other pictures others had taken, it’s him. Same clothes, and hairstyle.
I hurriedly went over and said in Cantonese, Fan ge!
He saw me and took off his earphones and glasses, and our conversation continued on in Cantonese.
I told him honestly that I saw him on the way to the toilet and spotted him. You.. disappeared for so long, we are all so worried about you, worried that something happened to you, that’s why we didn’t see you for so long, you are not in Korea, we were so worried…

While saying that I was trembling a little, and tearing. He appeared shocked.

He waved his hand that was holding on to his sunglasses and said, “Don’t worry! I will return quickly, next month..I’m here to see my mum, and to return to Canada to settle some family matters, you really don’t have to worry!”

I remember him saying “Don’t worry” for many times. I don’t know what matter it is, but it is definitely not what the rumours say.

As for “next month” he didn’t specify whether it means he will return to Korea next month, or is next month the comeback. I forgot to ask, please understand.

I suddenly recalled that today is his first year anniversary and congratulated him. He said “I know, thanks!” I then told him, actually I knew he was in oo.

He looked shocked again, with his eyes really wide open.
He asked again, how did we know. Seems like he really didn’t know..that the fans were talking about his disappearance for 20 days.

I explained that people saw him but weren’t sure. And we didn’t wanted to bother you but we were really worried.

Then he said for many times again, “Don’t worry.”
He also asked if I am also going to oo and taking the same trip as him. (But my mum is still buying the tickets so..)

After chatting for long, I was afraid that the train will leave and said goodbye, and sorry for holding him up. He also said “Bye bye, thanks.”

Lastly, I said, “I will wait for your comeback!”
He nodded, saying “Mm!”

Throughout the conversation, he kept smiling. He didn’t put on weight, but didn’t slim down a lot. He looks good, not sure if he put on makeup but his skin is really good and fair. He has a model built, and wore a nice looking black coat. Even the girl at the ticket sale counter asked me who he is, cuz he is really handsome.

He took off his earphones and sunglasses, to listen to his fan. He is tall, he bent down. His voice is really nice in Cantonese. Before I only listened to how nice he is via the internet, now I know all these are real! He is really nice, polite, replying to everything asked. He is a big, warm, guy!

He is worth our love, he keeps protecting others, so we must protect him even more!

I don’t know where he is at now, and please don’t go looking for him, since it is a personal trip.
I only shared this to hope you guys don’t worry.

He appeared, nothing’s wrong, please don’t worry.Wait for his comeback, and thank you for your understanding.

fanacc by: joey_clyexotrans by: exonyeoshidae
via: Kristianity


[CYWORLD]121201 P.O.’s update/photo

이사진으로 말할꺼같으면 홍콩도착과 동시에 어떤팬분이 찍어주신것같은데 거의5년만에 만난 EXO찬열이형과의 뜨거운재회 사진이다.
옛날에 연기학원다닐때 2년동안 거의 둘이 붙어다녔는데 연습하고 바쁘게 지내느라 둘다 연락도 자주 못하고 지냈다.
내가 먼저 데뷔를 했지만서도 그이후에 너무나 멋있게 EXO라는 그룹으로 데뷔를하고 이번 마마시상식에서 멋있게 신인상을 받으러 올라가서 나에게 자랑스러운듯 웃음을 날리는데 뭔가 뿌듯하고 기분이 매우 좋았다ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
EXO분들 상받으신거 진심으로 축하드립니다~!!
그리고 활동하면서 자주자주 찬열이형을 봤으면좋겠다.
아무튼 우리 블락비 EXO 두팀다 좋은일만 가득하길^^!


Talking about this photo, it seems to have been taken by a fan at the same time I arrived to Hong Kong, and it’s a photo of my hot reunion with EXO’s Chanyeol hyung after almost 5 years.
In the past when I went to acting academy, for 2 years we went around practically stuck to each other, but we both haven’t been able to contact each other because we were so busy practicing.
I debuted first, then he debuted really cooly afterwards in a group called EXO, and at this year’s MAMA awards ceremony, he cooly went up to receive a rookie award and threw me a proud laugh, so somehow I felt pround too and very goodㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Sincere congratulations to Exo for receiving the award~!! And I hope I could see Chanyeol hyung often while doing activities. Anyway our Block B and Exo, I hope both teams will only have good things^^!

Source: P.O’s Cyworld
Photo Credit: @blockbhkfc
Translated By: youngha@BLOCKBINTL



” When Suho goes shopping, he will always take Sehun.”

“Suho and Sehun both like to drink Milk tea.” So If you see Sehun on the street,next to him will appear Suho.

“Sehun is not a mature person but he’s not capricious. He is also very considerate of Suho.”

Sehun loves to play pranks, so Suho who shares a dorm with himwouldn’t have just suffered a little bit Suho doesn’t like to use the leader status to suppress the other members, he likes to be equal and so Sehun is dependant on him.

When Sehun is hungry in the middle of the night, Suho will immediately go find food for Sehun

Suho is someone who has a very good temper so Sehun really cherishes him.

When Sehun is excited, he will hug Suho.

Luhan went to buy bubble tea with Kris once. Sehun found out and was angry about it for a few days. cr 灬繁星灿白丶丶王道 V:predebut-exo

In front to the company, Sehun is eating a lollipop while you can see Suho also eating a lollipop, the other members probably don’t like sweet snacks too much.

D.O once made a hamburger for Sehun & put heaps of wasabi in it. After that, Sehun has been more cautious of the hamburgersmade by D.O. cr 灬繁星灿白丶丶王道 | V: predebut-exo

” Luhan will look for Lay to talk with when he is in bad mood, happy, unhappy”

Once Baekhyun said: “Suho isn’t a good mom” Then Suho answered: “Baekhyun is a bad kid, too”

Suho always think he’s a mom of these 12kids Although Xiumin, Luhan and Kris are older than him

“Sehun always licking his lips due to a small scar on it when he was young”

“The RCY shelter is the place Sehun volunteered at helping disabled children” cr: exotics-ask-exo

His Actions are opposite of how he speak #SehunFacts

If Lay spills the secrets in EXO-M, D.O does the exposing for EXO-K! #fact

when someone disturbs his sleep baekhyun will shout “ya! ah~”, then he will sleep again via:adorablexo

via @EXO_M_K



Yesterday 021112 When members played jia-gei-bo to decide who’s going to the economic class (Shang Hai Airport to Incheon Airport), Kris failed,Lay was so happy about that and gave high five withother members. Kris was in Economy class while Shanghai to ICN,Chen was in Economy class while Wuhan to Shanghai.

Today Lay looks good (somedays ago he was in bad healthy state) a fan asked him about his waist, he said it’s much better now. Also during the flight, Wu Yifan (kriss) had spent much time with his Mr Alpaca:

– Kris gave the Alpaca plushie his spectacles and scarf.
– Kris telling the air stewardess that was checking him in that the Alpaca plushie was his son.
– Kris tightly hugging onto the Alpaca plushie, despite being told by the air stewardess on the airplane to put it in the upper compartment.
– Kris, who had to go to the toilet, placed the Alpaca plushie in his own seat and fastened its seatbelt before he left for the toilet.
– Kris, who looked like he was talking to the Alpaca plushie after he lost in Scissors, Paper, Rock with Lay and Luhan.

Kris just couldn’t or wouldn’t let that Alpaca plushie leave his arms, he was clutching onto it so cutely, like if he were to ever let go, Mr Alpaca would disappear from his life forever.



  • For the first time, Kris didn’t know what he had to do with Chen because Chen is weird. #Fact
  • EXO’s richest among member: EXOK – Suho and EXOM – Luhan #fact
  • A word that Luhan says every day is “pout pout”. #fact
  • “One time, LayHan were fighting in the hostel. Tao was eating popcorn then suddenly Lay took the popcorn and poured it into Luhan’s shirt”
  • SM orginally gave Luhan the sexy concept like Kai’s. cr; baekyeolah via:exo facts
  • Kai’s the only member in K that got picked to be a trainee through an audition. He prepared almost a year and a half for the audition.
  • Chanyeol is the heaviest at 75kg, followed by Tao and Kris, and Luhan is the lightest at less than 60kg. Via:oh-luhans
  • Tao likes to steal other people’s food because he’s never full
  • Kai has a huge appetite, so D.O. will always keeps some high-calorie snacks in his bag.
  • The easiest to bully in K is Kai, Chanyeol is second. #Fact
  • Suho and D.O. had the best grades as compared to the other members of EXO, but really, none of their grades were that great. #fact
  • Kyungsoo’s ideal height that he looks for in a girl is between 156 cm and 160 cm.
  • Chen is the type that no matter what he faces, bad or good, he’d still Happily go through everyday.
  • Chanyeol doesn’t care about what race a girl is. If he likes her then he’ll date her.
  • Suho said that Kai is very caring to the people around him.” #fact
  • Kris practiced the rubix cube secretly for a long time, but the rubix cube had a grudge against him.
  • Lay said that his most embarassing moment is when his pants ripped. #fact
  • Once Kris did cat walk. He was bringing his pink tie on his back. chanyeol helped him to fix it. #fact
  • Kris doesn’t like makeup. When he goes out, he doesn’t want anymakeup it’s bcs he don’t know how to use makeup. #Facts
  • Chanyeol doesn’t want to get his ears pierced because he thinks his ear will stand out more. #fact
  • Kris is the most stylish among the members. So,He usually helps the other Member put outfits. #fact
  • Kris and Luhan pointed at each other when asked who had the best popularityt among females #fact
  • Kris said that he is someone who is not good at saying sweet things #fact
  • Kris once said pandas are cute & the MC pointed at Tao saying he’s a panda but Kris said “He’s a big panda he’s not cute, little ones are cute
  • Acording to Luhan and Tao who’s the prettiest in SNSD it’s Yoona while Lay said Taeyeon. Kris said Yuri. – Kris likes Yuri because he watched Invincible Youth.
  • Kyungsoo’s ideal height that he looks for in a girl is between 156 cm and 160 cm.
  • Chanyeol ideal type is girl with 50kg weight and 169-171 (Not Sure about this)
  • Lay says senior Henry is very good at creating songs.
  • Exo m and exo k youtube channel was made since 2006
  • Chen is the type that no matter what he faces, bad or good, he’d still happily go through everyday.
  • Tao said the reward Kris promised during happy camp was a bowl of noodles cooked by Kris
  • Sehun looks up to BoA. He says it’s because she seems relaxed while pulling off an amazing performance.
  • Suho said that Kai is very caring to the people around him.  #fact
  • BAEK HYUN likes to save money,doesnt waste any money but chanyeol is just the opposite
  • Xiumin has mentioned that all of EXO love playing truth or dare; but for some reason,it always results in Kris getting naked.

cr: @Missing-张艺兴散饭基地 V:luhanlu | cr; toffeegee v:exo facts | EXO_M_K | v:exo facts | (cr: exo-adventures via:chanyeolbutt) | cr; Cybee V:exo facts |



  1. “Sehun has a brother 3 years older than him”
  2. “Kai has 2 sisters, one of them is older than him by 9 years
  3. “Chanyeol has a sister 3 years older than him”
  4. “D.O. has a brother who is 3 years older him”
  5. “Suho has a brother 4 years older than Him.”
  6. “All six members of EXO-K are the youngest in their families. “
  7. exo’s managers are; Kim Minwook, Im Hyunkyun, Lee Seunghwan, Heo Jaehyuk, Noh Yongmin, Tak Youngjun (@exolutes)
  8. At Gyeongbokdo Alumni Events, 05:00-07:00PM KST when the MC introduced EXO-K as a ‘girlgroup’ kai was hyped  and started dancing a girl group dance and sehunnie laughed!! Cr:小智MAX (201012)
  9. Kris and Henry SJ-M we used to speak English together in the beginning, so we are pretty close chanyeol and BAEKHYUN often argue with each other,and when BAEKHYUN fail he will beat chanyeol
  10. “chanyeol has many ideas on his mind,many looks he wears are designed by himself”
  11. In thailand when asked who was the most naughty kris pointed to tao immediately, Tao said to kris’WHATS WRONG WITH YOU MAN’
  12. since Kai’s always sleeping when everybody’s in the living room  watching TV. So when EXO watching scary movie, Sehun purposely wakes Kai up and likes to laugh at Kai’s timidness #facts
  13. D.O says Kai’s not tan, he’d go hang around Kai for a few moments and D.O would say “it’s just the lighting”
  14. when fans ask Suho which room turns their lights off the latest,he said  that its baekyeol’s, because they are always too busy gaming v: TR_WOOGYU
  15. SEHUN SAID HE FELL FOR LUHAN. THEY SAID THEY ALWAYS BATH TOGETHER? Before and after debut Some facts says Baekhyun and Sehun baths together.But HunHan also baths together
  16. Kris went on tumblr before. A Fan asked him at KCON and he said  “Yes”. (sr:esuhort08/exo_mexico)
  17. Sehun and Kai would treat Suho really nicely when they wanted to eat chicken and trotters but would change that attitude immediately after the food arrived .
  18. Kris said: “we have fans following us, so we have to be careful of our every move, we hope that we can show the best image at any time when we appear in front of the fans. ”
  19. D.O and Baekhyun always say Kai’s drawing is pretty good, he himself  thinks so too; but Sehun would tell him they are lying to you, Kai would reply “it’s still better than your poems” source:exo planet mexico | fb
  20. EXO-M didn’t spend too much (while shopping in LA) because the shops they shopped in weren’t famous brands. Via: exomexiko
  21. Xiumin: Xiumin admires Super Junior’s leader the most, saying: “Leeteuk works hard be it on stage or off stage and he really deserves to be learnt from.”
  22. During one of performances, some1 hugged Tao from behind, back then he was in shock but when he turned to realise it was Donghae,he immediately felt really calm. Tao: “I admire Super Junior’s Donghae the most, because Donghae will always cheer especially much for me, giving me
  23. Chen: “Ryeowook treats his juniors well and with a lot of care so I’m really thankful to him!”
  24. Lay: Lay aspires to become a musical talent like Henry
  25. Luhan: “I admire senior Eunhyuk the most because he can dance really well, I need to learn well from him!“
  26. Chen hopes that in the future he will be a senior like Ryeowook who takes care of his juniors. #chenfacts
  27. “Sehun said that he often don’t understand kai jokes but he thinks it’s funny, he laugh about kai jokes without knowing what is it.”
  28. “Chanyeol once caught Luhan watching Brokeback Mountain on his laptop.” omg lulu
  29. Chen remains perfectly sassy fan: i love your voice! chen: oh i love it too!(vid cr: oohCUBED)
  30. If sehun can’t grab Luhan’s hand,Sehun would grab Luhan’s sleeve instead and slowly follow his arm down until he reaches Luhan’s hand.
  31. [Fanacc] As they were walking, Luhan would let go of Sehun’s hand, but Sehun would try to reach for Luhan’s hand again. Via:ExoAid
  32. During a fan signing event, a fan gave SeHun a slip of paper. The paper has three options. Option 1: I miss LuHan. Option 2: I don’t care about LuHan. Option 3: I belong in EXO-K. Why should I care about M? SeHun chose option 1. cr: Mickey_Toldey via;exoaid
  33. Via:ExoAid: In the MMB interview,Sehun said that Luhan’s favorite was bubble tea only to find out on Lay’s birthday that it was actually Iced Americano
  34. D.O once wanted to be a hairstylist. But no one in EXO-K wants him as their hairstylist.
  35. When EXO-M can’t comunicate with EXO-K or reversed, they will take  a paper and draw what they want to say. Via:predebut-exo / tumblr
  36. Tao and Xiumin both love watching Anime and Korean dramas. Via:ExoAid
  37. “According to the members, Chanyeol is like a magnet, so anyone who is near him would get stuck to him.” via:ExoAid
  38. Lay is opposite on stage and off stage – on stage- strong charisma -Off stage- filled with humor and cuteness
  39. Chanyeol and Sehun are close to each other since they were training. (@exolutes)
  40. “As a trainee, Chanyeol was one of the latest to come to practice but one of the earliest to leave.”( @sehunidiot)
  41. Fan: Tell me 3 reasons why you love Do Kyungsoo? Chanyeol: D.O cooks delicious breakfast. He cooks delicious lunch. He cooks delicious dinner. (@exolutes)
  42. “Sulli’s relatively close with all exo members, but she and baekhyun are still awkward.”( @flyingbacons)
  43. (Airport fanaccount in August) 12 of EXO were on their way back to Korea, at the security check in, Chanyeol was linking arms with D.O and chatting with Kai and Lu Han; Baekhyun who was at the back gave Chanyeol kick, so Chanyeol turned around for a glance, and then
  44. turned his head back to continue talking baekhyun then took a walk around and came back to kick again (Source: DC; cr: EXO私生大爆料)
  45. Xiumin once hits Kris bcs Kris teases Xiumin by standing beside him. (@exolutes)
  46. EXO Member Fan Names : Kai – Teleporters| Suho – Aquatics | Chanyeol – Pyromaniacs | Baekhyun – Shiners | DO – Earthlings | Sehun – Whirlwinds | Kris – Dragons | Luhan – Telekinetics | Tao – Cronics | Chen – Sparks | Xiu Min – Snowflakes | Lay – Healers
  47. so, sehun chooses luhan over choi jiwoo. (@exolutes)
  48. “Chanyeol was always proud of his height,until Wu Yi Fan (Kris) appeared.” (@yixingcode)
  49. “During sehun’s bday, Kyungsoo was holding Sehun’s birthday cake the whole time while all the other members were eating bits and bits. Kyungsoo licked away the cream on sehun’s bday cake. All the members froze and then started going crazy, yelling at him!” (@exolutes)
  50. “We may be separated into two groups, but really, we are one big family. We shared so many memories together.” —Sehun
  51. Chanyeol wants him and Chen to practice hard on their dancing so when they have their own concert, they can show a dance performance. (@exolutes)
  52. At chen birthday @exolutes”Three wishes Chen prays for are his family and members to be healthy, a happy life, and dating and weddings for the managers.”
  53. “During their free time, Tao playing with nunchunks. The other members frequently hear Xiumin being hit to the point where he is yelling.” (@exolutes)
  54. When EXO’s teasers were being released, Lu Han was too afraid to go online and check people’s responses. (@exolutes)
  55. Suho & sehun’s face fits perfectly on the golden ratio mask (means that have propotion like monalisa). it means that sehun and suho’s face are near to perfect. (@exolutes)
  56. @flyingbacons “Sehun and Chanyeol are the members who often stalk fansites and latest info about their group.”
  57. “Sehun said Kai is so dark because he likes to eat chocolate, so Kai keeps on drinking milk.” (not so sure about this is a facts or only a joke) cr: (@exolutes)
  58. “chen wants a fan to give him shirts because the other members got shirt.” (@slowmochen)
  59. “Suho’s elder brother is a student at Sogang University (one of the famous top ranking unis in Korea).” (@sehunidiot)
  60. “when chanyeol walks he likes to bumps into a person beside im, that’s why kai dislike to walk beside him” (@exolutes)
  61. Suho likes to go into D.O.’s room and chat with him but he will get thrown out by Kai every time he does that. (cr:EXO私生大爆料)
  62. Sehun is a good boy. He went to school today and a lower grader asked him “can i take a pic with you” he also agreed cr:小智MAX
  63. Sehun thinks the colour white is suitable for house colour because you can draw on it if you get bored.’ (via : @sancchanimnida)
  64. “We will always be together” -Luhan
  65. exo members said that sehun is the korean version of Wu Chun. (@exolutes)
  66. baekhyun long and pretty hand finger was inhereted from his mother.

cr: EXO私生大爆料 |小智MAX | exolutes | flyingbacons | slowmochen | sehunidiot | oohCUBED