• This is one of Baekhyun’s Cyworld post in 2005. Title: “The cat is sick.” Content: “Our apartment is on the seventh floor. It was a stray cat, so I don’t know if the cleaning lady hit the cat or something. But when I took it to a clinic, they said that the area near its hip area was injured. ㅠㅠ Whenever it pees, it bleeds too. Please tell me how much it costs to have it go through surgery…The clinic says it costs over $300…ㅠㅠ I need a reply fast. Please…ㅠㅠ”


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– For sehun Luhan is like a brother whom he loved the most in the exo because during trainee period Luhan cared and protected sehun well

– Sehun likes to manage luhan (saying what should luhan do) & Luhan likes to do what sehun said to him.

– For Luhan, sehun is like his little brother that cared him and adorable, though sehun is messy and naughty but Luhan liked it.

– When in LA sehun tied up Luhan’s hair before out of the car.

– Sehun taught Luhan how to do uniqe Aegyo.

– Luhan likes to stroke sehun’s hair when sehun had problem. (I don’t know how to explain this ><)

– Sehun always take Luhan out when exo M is in korea.

– when sehun met luhan you will see How Sehun and Luhan get along so well.

– when EXO is gatherd sometimes luhan makes milk shake for sehun in the morning.

– HunHan Most Hobby is taking selca together.

– Sehun always wanted to play rubik but always failed and luhan likes to laughedat him if it happend sehun will be mad and Luhan will embrace sehun.

– HunHan is the number one couple in exo. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai ships them

– when HunHan is separated, they wil exchange their clothes each other so that when they missed each other they have something to save their missing.

– Sehun can’t lie to Luhan, and so does luhan. But according to EXO-K Sehun often lie to them. kekekekeek

– The third person in HunHan couple’s are kai, xiumin, and lay :D.

– Before debut most trainee thought HunHan are twin brother

– Kai always laugh at sehun fast reaction if there is fans whomention luhan’s name

– Sehun and Luhan likes to linked their arms to each other

– Sehun and Luhan also rarely fights, the opposites of baekhyun and chanyeol

– The first EXO stage, Sehun share the same hotel room with Luhan

– They have a 4-year age difference

– Both of HunHan are narcissistic

– Their faces is also similar

– During the trainees, once sehun got mad of anyone did not talk to anyone except Luhan.

– As trainees, they are a roomate

– During Luhan’s birthday, sehun said “I am very similar to Luhan hyung right?” Then he hugged Luhan. After that he said “Luhan hyung, happy birthday. He is a good hyung for me. I Love you ”

– Sehun bought a deer chain “bimbi” to Luhan in London

– Other members laugh when sehun sent a video message to Luhan birthday. Especially kai. he laugh amusedly.

– They both have an innocent face.

– “Luhan loves looking at the constellation. Predebut Luhan used to take Sehun to go watch the stars sometimes” #facts via:Liling2000

– SeHun obediently listened to Luhan talk,then Luhan got bored & turned SeHun’s collars to sniff it. Via:Liling2000

– Sehun doesn’t speak to Luhan formally.

– Sehun and luhan have brought couple T, Keyrings/chains

cr 灬繁星灿白丶丶王道 | cr: l exoid exoclid | trans: predebut-exo


  • SeHun obediently listened to Luhan talk,then Luhan got bored & turned SeHun’s collars to sniff it. Via:Liling2000
  • Sehun once said his greatest wish is he can speak mandarin fluently so that he can communicate more & well with Luhan . #Facts via:SehunBiased_
  • ONCE, called out the members’ names for passports so he didnt have to say hyung. He said “Sehunnie” when it was his turn (cr: 南方Serendipity via:chanrismatic)
  • “once a fan asked baekhyun about his favorite food & baekhyun answered that hisfavorite food is hisfans’ love.” via:slowmochen
  • Sehun will use anything around him that is reflect to be a mirror for him. #facts via:ImHXuan_
  • “Luhan likes to sit on Lay’s bed but he won’t let Lay sit on his bed. But Lay always likes to push his limits and getting kicked off a lot.”
  • #Exofacts “When there is no practice or schedule M would go over to K’s dorm to play.” @EXOGlobal
  • “Luhan and Lay like to bicker a lot, but when Lay tells Luhan “you’re getting prettier and prettier” Luhan would get really embarrassed.” [like keep saying each other in a cute way but it’s also attacking each other with words~ like example u are babo then lay said to luhan u are even more babo this is bricking ^^]
  • #Exofacts “Baekhyun said that being short is good because a lot of girls like that and will call you cute no matter what you wear but he insisted that he’s tall.”
  • #BaekhyunFacts “Baekhyun’s face features are refreshing and pleasant and he is the main vocalist.”
  • #Exofacts “Sometimes, exo members will be making fun of their dance choreography.” @EXOGlobal
  • Baekhyun is afraid of cockroaches #BaekhyunFacts
  • [FANACC]”Because of Sehun, Korean fans have started to buy a lot of Calvin Kleins mens underwear.”
  • #Exofacts Lay say that Kris has always prided himself who has super power that he can fly
  • #Exofacts “Chanyeol originally thought EXO was going to be a mixed gender group when the manager introduced him to Luhan”LMAO~ cr: @EXOGlobal
  • #Exofacts “Baekhyun likes to watch movies in his free time. He’ll watch action movies to destress.” @EXOGlobal
  • #Exofacts “Kris: “Luhan has a manly side and a really cute side as well.”@EXOGlobal
  • FANACC: When EXO out of SM Building, a fan asked Chanyeol “Chanyeol you were not with Baekhyun?” then Chanyeol answered “He will be with me” @EXOGlobal
  • #Exofacts During Lay’s birthday party, Baekhyun proudly announced “Lay hyung likes me the best in EXO K!” Cute puppy!XD
  • #Exofacts “Sehun say that the sexiest part of Kai’s body is the chest, arms and lips.”
  • #Exofacts “Usually the trainees who come from China is easy to be bullied, but not with Luhan, it’s because of he is a typically easy-going person.”
  • #Exofacts When Tao first met Kris, he was scared to approach him because he looked cool and handsome.
  • #Exofacts “D.O cooks especially for Sehun because Sehun gets hungry easily. Sehun will do aegyo, and D.O will silently start cooking.”
  • #Exofacts Kai says that Baekhyun is the best at winking. EXOGlobal
  • #Exofacts Chen doesn’t mind age when it comes to his ideal type but he says he likes noonas. @EXOGlobal
  • #Exofacts Kris’ ideal type is a kind girl who knows how to cook and look after others as well as being filial.
  • “D.O first thought Kai was cold but the more he saw him, the more charming he was.He added that Kai is a softhearted and good dongsaeng.” ‏@EXOGlobal
  • “Actually, when Kai told me jokes that he thinks it’s funny i don’t laugh because of it, i laugh because i don’t understand” –SEHUN


One day, EXO M were on a show backstage. Tao saw Lay very concentrated on listening to a teacher (older person) play the piano and he used his elbow to shove him.

Tao: I never thought that you understood so much ?

Lay: Not really, I only know a little bit here and there.

Tao: Then, what is the teacher playing ?

Lay: You don’t even understand this ?

Tao: I’ve heard it before, forgot the name though.

Lay: He’s playing the piano.


One day, Xiumin was talking to Chen.
Xiumin: Between money and intelligence, which one would you choose ?
Chen: I’d pick money.
Xiumin smiled and said: I’d pick intelligence, do you know why ?
Chen: Of course, people always choose what they don’t have !
cr 灬繁星灿白丶丶王道
trans: predebut-exo


  • When Lay finally got his stage name, Luhan reacted and said “The one who got killed in Death Note?” credits: 张踩脚 via: @ayanchii
  • “Kris plays with Tao a lot and when he’s upset, he looks for Yixing.” @EXO_M_K
  • Q: What is one word you say everyday, or do you have a tagline? | Luhan: 噘~噘! (pronounced “jue”)* Actually it was no specific meaning, it’s just a little like an exlamation mark! (At this moment, Chen followers and shouts “jue~ jue!) note: *a birthday fanaccount once mentioned that luhan’s tagline is “cheh” so since cheh sounds like jue anyway, we can assume they are the same src:heecups@tumblr
  • Q: What is your impression of Taiwan? Is there anything you want to eat in particular or anywhere you want to shop at? | Kris: Although it’s my 2nd trip to Taiwan and the promotion period stopover isn’t that long, there are already lots of fans giving us support, we are really touched and the impression is especially good. During one of the past interviews fans sent some bubble tea, it was really good! Src:heecups@tumblr
  • Q: What was the first impression between the members when you first met? | Xiumin: Everyone thought I would be the maknae because of my baby face. I remember meeting Lay for the first time and he did not use formal language because he thought we were of the same age but in actual fact, I’m older than Lay by a year! Src:heecups@tumblr
  • Q: What do you think is your biggest charm? Which part of your body do you like most? | Tao: Sexy, hardworking, a good body (laughs)! I am most satisfied with my mouth src:heecups@tumblr
  • Q: Do you usually listen to songs from your seniors? Who do you admire most? | Lay: I listen to everyone’s works! Prior to debut, I performed once with SHINee sunbaes and gathered a lot of experience and when we debuted, they showed us a lot of care and gave us lots of blessings. c:Heecups@tumblr
  • Kai will laugh about almost just anything, meaning he can be amused & burst into laughter too. #facts via:ImHXuan_
  • “Chanyeol’s socks often appear in Kyungsoo’s laundry.” @mExoho
  • baekhyun ate 10 eggs at london hotel during breakfast. who ever takes an egg, he will watch that person all the way until they sit down. sr. baekye0n exo_mexico
  • #Facts Sehun is the member that shows his boxers the most during performance, on stage etc.. & also the member who wear red boxers the most. Via:ImHXuan_
  • On Sehun’s first day at SOPA, the boys in his first designated class teased Sehun about about being this mayor/”shijang” b/c Seoul’s mayor, at the time, shared the same full name: Oh Sehun. This is also the same nickname Sehun had, between the trainees, while training at SM. But Sehun (being ‘Sehun’ ofc)will not stand for sh1t from these peasants and so he told the teacher. Right away, he transferred classes, and in Korea, you have self-introductions to do as the new kid. So as the new kid for that “new” class he switched into, he sarcastically introduced himself saying, “Hey, I’m the new transfer student, Oh Sehun. Oh right, I happen to share the same name with our mayor, don’t I? Source: thekaisoo
  • “When they got down the plane, Baekhyun ‘s kept saying”emergency!(pee)” then he rushed to the toilet with Luhan.” cr: woo_long via: toffeegee
  • “Baekhyun likes to tease Chanyeol about his ears & call him Dumbo. while Chanyeol likes to make fun of Baekhyun’s height by calling him Baby Smurf”.
  • Chen likes hitting and his victims would either be Tao or Chanyeol. #facts via:exo facts
  • Kris sometimes accompanies Tao to buy food to eat & of course, they would buy tao fav drinks, milk tea. #facts via:exo facts
  • [Predebut Acc] Baekhyun was friends with all “types” of people in his elementary and middle school years. He was popular because of his kind character and “approachability.” He’d be one to strike up conversations with those kids who seemed pretty “isolated” from the rest of the class as well. This is one account in particular that a past [middle school] classmate brought up. There was a female classmate who was teased for her “overweight” appearance, being called fat and such. Baekhyun specifically told the kids who were teasing the girl, “Your words are really too much, guys. Shut your traps.” source:thekaisoo
  • Baekhyun: A woman full of charm
  • Chanyeol: Cute and someone who smiles allot. Sincere person.
  • D.O: ..NONE
  • Kai: Han Ye Seul
  • Sehun: Good girl with a nice personality.
  • EXO-M Ideal types:
  • Kris: Kind, knows how to cook, fillial and can take care of people.
  • Xiumin: Huggable and can give comfort to others.
  • Luhan: Gentle, quiet and kind.
  • Lay: Cute and fillial
  • Chen: Like a noona. The ones who will take care of him.
  • Tao: Cute and pretty girl with a good body.
  • The towel that Luhan likes to use to wipe his sweat is white.
  • Luhan likes constellations. “Luhan loves looking at the constellation. Predebut Luhan used to take Sehun to go watch the stars sometimes” #facts via:Liling2000
  • Sehun doesn’t speak to Luhan formally.
  • Luhan and Lay heard Kris’ fans call him the leader of the cult and then Kris was like … (Not so sure about this one..)
  • The food that D.O makes is really delicious.
  • When Tao speaks Korean, Xiumin can understand what he’s trying to say straight away.
  • The 3 words in Chinese which Baekhyun knows the best are Bo Xian (his chinese name), beef and handsome.
  • Everyday, Kai needs to have supper so he can sleep. 
  • Luhan will play pranks on the manager.
  • Baekhyun thinks that when he smiles, he looks a lot like Luhan. 
  • All of K’s members have seen Lay’s “Many fish are swimming here, swimming here” show. (Referring to this (x)
  • Chanyeol is talented in playing games and also talented in the reality of Confucious. (Maybe he’s the modern day Confucious ?)
  • Before going on shows, Suho will talk to the members seriously. (Leader ah, pretty tiring..)
  • Other members are used to Tao saying “Duizhang is very handsome”. 
  • Kai wakes up very early, he’s not someone who sleeps very easily.
  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun are the dorms “Child Kings”, Suho even once used his fist to stop their childish fighting but even that didn’t work.
  • Kris and Chanyeol’s understanding for each other is pretty long. Their relationship is solid. Before debut, there were many times where they practiced/trained with each other.
  • D.O will often bully Kai in the dorms. 
  • Luhan and Sehun brought the same phone charm.
  • The members’ underwear are all the same brand.
  • When Sehun is hungry at night, he will ask Suho to buy food for him. 
  • Baekhyun always has this habit before he sleeps, he’ll play Scissors, Paper, Rock with Chanyeol and whoever loses is unlucky. 
  • he members like to eat D.O’s miso soup. 
  • ao likes to do aegyo on Kris, Kris in private is a chatterbox. 
  • Some fans will see D.O and Sehun at night going to buy Milk Tea.
  • chanyeol’s favourite three things to do are: eating, sleeping and bullying Baekhyun. Baekhyun’s favourite three things to do are eating, sleeping and hitting back Chanyeol.
  • Because they share a dorm and he is the dongsaeng, Suho will take care of Sehun.
  • In front to the company, Sehun is eating a lollipop while you can see Suho also eating a lollipop, the other members probably don’t like sweet snacks too much. 
  • Most of Sehun’s life, it’s Suho who mainly takes care of him and helps him.
  • XIUMIN LIKES PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS. cr 灬繁星灿白丶丶王道 | trans: predebut-exo

Please take what’s translated here very lightly.
Trans: predebut-exo@tumblr
Please take out with full credits ! (⊙ヮ⊙)