[ENG SUB] 130706 SS5SG Eunhyuk’s Message to ELF About Henry and Zhoumy

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[TRANS] 130324 – B.A.P melon fansigning FANACC

-A fan asked Jongup what Pokemon she looks like and he said Squirtle.

-A fan asked Daehyun to choose only one of the four options (I want to hit you, I want to hold your hand, I want to show you aegyo, I want to pet you on the head), and he picked that he wanted to pet her on the head.

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  • This is one of Baekhyun’s Cyworld post in 2005. Title: “The cat is sick.” Content: “Our apartment is on the seventh floor. It was a stray cat, so I don’t know if the cleaning lady hit the cat or something. But when I took it to a clinic, they said that the area near its hip area was injured. ㅠㅠ Whenever it pees, it bleeds too. Please tell me how much it costs to have it go through surgery…The clinic says it costs over $300…ㅠㅠ I need a reply fast. Please…ㅠㅠ”


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[trans] 130224 – b.a.p live on earth: himchan’s message

I felt like I didn’t get a chance to say a lot before, so I wrote a letter last night. Ah, I’m nervous. Time is really going by fast. I thought of something like this: ‘Will I still be doing this job after 10 years, 20 years? If I decide not to do it, I’ll be forgotten. And even if I say I will do it, will these guys (fans) still protect me?’ Ever since I was younger, I had this emotional scar. I didn’t like showing my feelings, and I believe that everyone here will know that not showing it is part of my personality. But it’s not that I’m closed off, it’s just I don’t like things being repeated and replayed. I’m really happy to think that there are people who actually like each and every aspect of this personality. That’s why I wish to remember every moment, and I wanted to only show myself smiling and working hard. Truthfully speaking, I’m hurting a lot right now. Because I’m hurting even though I don’t want to hurt, I only feel sorry and apologetic towards everyone. I’ll promise to not get hurt in the future. I really wanted to stand onstage. And I’m so happy because I’m with the people that probably waited more than anyone for me to be onstage. I dedicate this to you guys who stayed by my side for a year, which can be a long amount of time to someone or a short amount of time to another person. Thank you. If you wait just a bit more, you’ll be able to see it. I love you.

(B.A.P makes fun of him for crying)

Himchan: I really cried. My mom came here today though. This is my first time showing this.

Youngjae: Did you guys receive Himchan hyung’s sincere emotions? Himchan hyung really missed Babys. And he prepared a letter like this, but… He cried.

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