[ENG TRANS] 071013 Lay’s birthday message on fanboard


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[TRANS] Official Website Update 130506 From BAEKHYUN

To all the fans we love, hello
EXO’s light, Baekhyun has come again today without fail!

Today is May 06 !
Yes! That’s right. Haha It is my birthday!

I never knew there will be so many people who gave their greetings for my birthday, it’s really.. touching ㅜㅜ
My tears just trickled.. ㅜㅜ sob
Thank you very much..ㅠㅠ

Ah! And there’s nit much left for the EXO album..!
Please just wait for a lit~~tle more!
We will come back with a more wonderful image!

Lastly, I really thank you for celebrating my birthday
I really really love you.. for real! Hihi so! Until here, ppyong!

cr. @dh3gns0412


[TRANS] 130507 Yesung’s letter:

Hi ELF^^
Somehow it seems like I’m unable to show a great smile from my heart when I see you all.. I probably can’t greet you properly
(So) I left a letter like this~
Thank you for giving such huge love and unforgettable memories to the imperfect me^^
The period of 2 years..
I will miss you all and want to see you all~
I will think of the stage and really want to sing right? But..
5-year trainee period and 8 years of doing (Super Junior) together..
If you compare to these times, believe that (2 years) will pass by quickly..!!
I will become healthier and more handsome, and let you listen to better songs ^^ Promise!
Take good~ care of Super Junior^^
Please don’t forget (me)~ Alright?!
E.L.F. I love you~♥

May 5, 2013
Super Junior Yesung

Cr: @13elieveSG
Via: http://superjunior.smtown.com/Link/Board/3446237
Please take out with FULL WORKING credits.



A year has passed.. For those who are always by my side, thank you so much for your effort.

And my beloved father, mother, my family, my friends, 11 members.

Today is my 20th birthday. Um… How should I express it?

So much happiness and growing up step by step and learning.. I am proud that I am living it out.

Since debut I have always tried to be perfect and

lacking parts of me I couldn’t find, indeed no one is perfect..

I think it is a lesson to get a step further.

My wishes? After my 20th birthday,

I hope everyone could be by my side as usual.

And, I hope everyone’s wishes come true. I love you. ♥

Translated by yachaejuk @ SMent_EXO

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