[INTERVIEW] SHINee L’Officiel Hommes March 2013 Edition

SHINee who appear in magazines Korean “L’Officiel Hommes” March 2013 edition with the ‘Manly’ side of each members also held an interview with the magazine and talked about many things starting from their latest album concept which is becoming a hot topic, ‘Dream Girl’ up to the personality of each members after their debut some years ago.

Here are the excerpts from the interview that begins from oldest member as well as their leader.


What message would you tell through SHINee’s latest album?
“This album is really SHINee’s characteristic!”

What are the things you see and think of when thinking back to day of your debut up now?
“A lot of things have happened. I stood on the stage and perform as part of SHINee while traveling to the UK, USA, Japan and other countries around the world. I can see fans overseas. I get a lot of those experiences and I enjoy my performance on the stage. ”

How about changes in personal character?
“I’m not so sure. Because I’ve been experienced many things and has also been getting a lot of things ‘how things happen’ so that I feel now has more thoughtfull and having widened mind perspective. ”

Your musical show is successfully, how do you feel about this?
“When performing it, I feel that this musical is very interesting. If I get the chance again, so I guess to keep doing this (musical) on the future days. ”

SHINee is a group that really stylish. I was curious and wanted to know how if you dressed normally.
“Besides clothing for special occasions or performing on stage, I was the type who would rather travel with a comfortable style.”

What you want to say to yourself this year 2013?
“Always stay healthier”


You guys did a photo shoot this month before the comeback. Now what is the status of the preparation of the album?
“The album is completed and will be released”

Why do you think this album is worth to be anticipated?
“On this album, you can see SHINee new image you have never seen in the past.”

This is your third full album. Is there anything different from before?
“The same thing is where we come back to try something new. We’re trying to show different images and different transformations. That’s the way we work in the field of music and dig deeper into our own musical identity. ”

Are you satisfied with the achievement of yourself?
“I still feel the lack in many things as a musician. But in life, I like to give myself at least 60 points (laughs). ”

Tell us about your everyday life, what about the music you listen to or the kind often fashion style like what you like.
“I love to hear emotional R & B genre so I often listen to songs like that and than wearing clothes that are too comfortable, I prefer wearing a shirt.”

What are your future plans?
“I want to try to be a producer, composer or a vocal director.”


It has been 6 years since your debut. What kind of day do you spend together?
“We all started with frequent talk to each other. We share our opinion about each jobs and also music. Opinions are then developed and we also are able to better establish the identity of SHINee and I think now we are so much stronger mentally. ”

What’s your plan for 2013?
“After the third full album’s release, we plan to actively conduct promotional activities. When we promote “Sherlock” last year, we know many people are disappointed because the promotional period only briefly. We would like to have more of a chance to meet our fans in Korean this year. It would be better if they were anticipating this album. ”

We are curious about the concept for this album. Can you describe it?
“On this album, we talked about the feeling of being in the imagination or a fairy tale.”

What kind of music are you interested in and differs from the kinds of SHINee’s music?
“Type of hip-hop.”

SHINee always be a hot topic about sensational fashion. especially you good fashion sense. What do you think yourself?
“I had a lot of interest in the fashion world. But not in very special way I like or attached to. Instead, I try to wear a different style every day. No matter what clothes I wear, to me the most important thing in the end is our personality. ”

I think you would be suitable if you work in the field of fashion.
“If I get a chance, I also want to try being MC, a radio DJ, and many more.

The percentage of how you express satisfied as a musician, as well as yourself and in your personal life?
“At the point 23 which means that 23% as well as a number of my age.”


Long time no see, what have you been doing lately?
“I was active as an actor through the drama last year. It was a good experience and fun and I’ve felt a lot of things. If given the chance again, I’d like to try acting again. Bottom line, I’m very satisfied with my personal life. Every day is an exciting and interesting to me. ”

Pretty much time has passed since your debut a few years ago and you’re already in the midst of promoting a new album, how do you feel?
“Due to it, I was finally able to try all kinds of music. I want to perform various types of music while adding another color to SHINee’s music. ”

How do you rate yourself as a musician?
“Compared to the early days of my debut, now I feel a lot more relaxed when performing on TV shows. I find myself still very poor even though to give a score for myself. ”

How do you feel about your upcoming comeback?
“With the experience as a group I get, I want to show an amazing stage performance to the fans. We would like to show the various charm of SHINee each member but actually it’s as one. ”

Tell us a little about your new album!
“We’re trying something that has never been tried by others and of course we are working hard to add new music colors to SHINee. When you listen to the music, you will feel that, “Obviously this is SHINee.”

What is one sentence to yourself this year 2013?
“Let us evolve into a better direction”

I remember how you are when you first debuted, but now you’ve grown. You’re old enough to interact in social life. What do you think?
“may be what you say is true. I guess that’s why now I’m trying to push myself to be like this. ”

Pushing yourself to be like this, for example?
“I’m the type of person who will be strict and be cool to myself. I’ve started to think hard about my lack than anyone else. ”

SHINee is known as SHINee. There are members who tried musicals, Dramas, etc.. Did you passed that opportunity because you are a maknae or indeed you are not interested in things like that?
“I really do not have a plan other than music. But I also want to try different things in stages, so right now I’ve been thinking about all sorts of things. ”

What music do you personally prefer?
“I used to listen to songs of American indie band, Fun. I enjoy pop music like the songs Bruno Mars and many more. ”

Fashion style what you normally like?
“Clothes are comfortable to move around.”

Source: L’Officiel Hommes Korea
English Translated by: kimchi hana@shineee.net