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Magazine ‘Instyle’ Delivers Meaningful Journey Kangin Super Junior in Vietnam:

Super Junior’s Kangin recently visited Vietnam to volunteer, and Instyle magazine, following his trip to Vietnam to conduct an interview and photo shoot with the kids there.

Before deciding to go to Vietnam, Kangin was very worried.

After deciding to go, he looked on the internet of ideas on how to entertain the kids, what to do, as well as appropriate gifts to give, etc..

When Kangin got there, the kids held a welcoming party for him, as well as coloring Kangin’s face.

“I’m the type of person who was first approached even after a fight. But, when I went there, I was hesitant, I did not want to make mistakes. ”

Kangin paying attention to Leeuwen (the little girl who kissed him). She did a lot of aegyo to try to cheer him.

“Hoi is the most excited and smile a lot when I said they could draw on my face. I can not forget her happy expression.

On the second day of his visit to Vietnam, Kangin visit the school and play soccer with the kids.

“Did you see Hoi? She stood in front of the goal, feeling tense. He even pushed me to go (laughs) I think this is the happiness that children possess ”

Kangin buy Ball ‘Nike’ in Korea and gave one to each class in the school he visited in Vietnam

“I … was afraid to break the balloon.” …

They play a game where you have to eat candy hidden in the flour and then solve the balloon and run to the goal. Kangin fooled by running to the goal while holding Hoi until the end

“Although I can not speak their language and have been raised in different backgrounds, I do not want to feel like a stranger to them.

I came here to feel comfortable with them. But the children were so pretty and innocent, there is nothing to worry about. I really love the kids. Sometimes, when I see the kids while driving, I stopped the car to go play with them. (Laughter) ”

Kangin last thing they do before leaving is signed CD SJ and give it to them. Children can easily find himself in the photo.

“After the performance on stage that lasted more than 4 minutes, I felt that was not enough, and just like that, I feel this is not enough. I want to express all my feelings, but I hesitated because I thought they might be depressed.

But I hope I did not keep in their memory only as a ‘foreigner’. Even if they do not remember my face, I want them to remember me as ahjussi who love them, I’m sure they will love others in the future as young adults. ‘

Source : Sup3rjunior and Nksubs