[NEWS] Super Junior’s Heechul teases upcoming cameo on ‘HEIRS’

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[NEWS] 130904 Super Junior’s Heechul Clearly States He Will Not Be Returning To ‘Radio Star’


When Super Junior’s Heechul enlisted, he was replaced on MBC’s “Radio Star” by fellow Super Junior member, Kyuhyun. Now that he’s completed his mandatory military duties, there were questions about whether he would return to the show, and he has an answer to those questions…No.

On September 2nd, Heechul sat down with Ryeowook on “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,” and talked about all of the love calls he was being bombarded with. However, he clearly stated that he has no plans to return to “Radio Star”, saying “I probably won’t even appear on ‘Radio Star’ as a guest. For Kyuhyun’s sake, I don’t think it’s right for me to take the spot of my dongsaeng who is going on the same path… I didn’t temporarily leave that position. Kyuhyun is now the owner of that spot.”

While that may have disappointed some, he did make everyone laugh when he talked about starting the first bromance on “We Got Married” saying, “I want to film [‘We Got Married’] with EXO’s Xiumin… Call over Hong Suk Chun so we can make it a love triangle.”

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Super Junior’s Heechul which is currently serving his military duty will be back soon and join Super Junior.

According to a representative, said, “When Heechul released from military service at the end of August, he will soon reunite with Super Junior​​. He is currently preparing to participate in Super Junior’s world tour SS5. Heechul pratices the choreography when he got off from work and on weekends. “

Super Junior’s Heechul started to undergo military service in September 2011, and this time he served in public service at sungdong cafe.

Many fans are highly anticipating Big star Kim Heechul who will be returning to join Super Junior.

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