Kim Kibum Captured Filming Romantic Scene for Chinese Drama “Lucky Tianbao”

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Kim Ki Bum Held a Successful ‘fan meeting’ in Thailand

On March 31, he met with 3,000 fans in Thailand, titled ‘2013 Kim Ki Bum Memory of Love Fan Meeting in Bangkok. ‘

After the performance, Kim Ki Bum said that he missed the applause from his fans, and he even sang a song called Thailand ‘Thank You’ with a group of Thai children.

He then held talk session, opens up about his thoughts. He talks about his role in ‘I ♥ Lee Taly’, as well as a role in the upcoming drama.

“I’m always grateful and touched by the many people which came to greet me at the airport. Let’s meet more often, “

He chose the lucky fans for the game and gave a book and a hat that have been signed. He then shook hands with everyone and taking photos, and take a step closer to his fans.

Thai fans in exchange to this fanmeeting, they were setting up their own little event. They play video messages, and held up signs that read, ‘For you, Kim Ki Bum, We’ll promise to look after you forever’, and successfully made Ki Bum shed a tear

Kim Ki Bum has completed filming Chinese drama, and is currently thinking about the next step.

Source: enewsworld


I Love Italy support message from SUPEER JUNIOR (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Ryewook)

Recently Super junior is bussy preparing their 6jib comeback. While Kibum is bussy filming his new drama I love Italy. But, in both bussy schedules Super junior confess their support for their Best Friend Kim Kibum. In this case both SUPER JUNIOR and Kibum shows their Good relationship 🙂