This morning a shocking picture spreaded among K-Pop Lovers, especially ELF. The picture shows a screen capture of the article entitled A Korean Pop Singers ‘Leeteuk’ Super Junior, died at age 29.

Some fans instantly worried and began to ask and wonder the truth behind it. They were surprised because even though this image was widely spreaded, And even they did not get the original article from CNN.com website.

In response to this, one of Super Junior’s international fanbase urged ELFs to be calm through twitter account @ WorldwideELFs, they revealed that the picture was edited, and of course, CNN never actually release the news.

Previously, the same false article had spreaded too, the ‘victim’ was his group mate Kim Heechul, which is also in military service now.

In response, fans began angry and mad. They want the haters stop making a joke of idol’s death. It’s too much.

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[LIST] SJ & B.A.P “Top 5 Male Idol Groups of 2012”

enewsWorld reveals their “Top 5 Male Idol Groups of 2012”

Although we’re looking forward to what 2013 has in store, we can’t close out 2012 without looking back on the stars, dramas, movies and more that shined this year, so we’re launching a new series here at enewsWorld, called 12 Days of 2012, to round up and reflect on one exciting year in Korean entertainment.

We′re delving into the year in music today, and who better to kick things off than the small armies of men who dominated the K-Pop scene!


One of the most formidable rookies of the year, B.A.P showed no mercy in 2012, proving to be the ‘Best, Absolute, Perfect’ on all fronts in the K-Pop world, releasing a steady string of hits since its debut.
Within 2012 alone, the group pumped out songs Warrior, Secret Love, Power, No Mercy, Crash and Stop It (still with us?), all showing off the boys’ various charms.
It’s hard to believe the boys are only approaching their one-year anniversary, as they’ve been popping up all over the world, from Los Angeles to the German music charts and Europe at large.

From sweeping music programs with number one hit The Chaser to the members battling it out in their own variety show, Infinite’s Rank King, on Mnet, we could barely keep up with idol group Infinite this year.
So, we’re sure Infinite barely had a moment to catch their breath, as the boys not only left their mark in Korea, they took on Japan, topping the Oricon chart, touring the country and even going 3D.
How the members had the time to venture into solo activities, from Hoya appearing in hit tvN drama Reply 1997 to Sung Kyu releasing a solo album, we’ll never know.

Newer idol groups may have had a standout year, but veteran boy band Shinhwa beat the odds and made a huge comeback, fit for the history books, in 2012.
Shinhwa came back full force with the members not only tackling the K-Pop world with chart topper Venus, but putting each other on blast on their own billboard variety show Shinhwa Broadcast.
The Shinhwa members showed the younger male idol groups how the men do it but made sure to remind us that they’re still kids at heart, proving that Shinhwa never gets old.

Big Bang
You don’t need us to remind you what a huge year 2012 was for Big Bang, but after ending 2011 on somewhat of a rough patch, we witnessed the members come back to life with fifth mini album Alive before driving the point home even harder that it was here to stay with special edition album Still Alive.
Chart topping songs and sold out concerts worldwide are a given at this point. But getting the members’ faces plastered on an airplane? That was new.
Simply put, we were all just living in Big Bang’s world in 2012.

Super Junior


A little competition didn’t faze Super Junior, as the mega idol group, when it wasn’t pumping out hits of its own, was taking its sold out Super Show 4 across Asia, Europe and the U.S. Despite the members playing musical chairs throughout the year with Kangin rejoining the group for its Sexy, Free & Single and Spy promotions after completing his mandatory military duties to leader Leeteuk’s departure for the army in October, the boys didn’t miss a beat and remained at the top for most of 2012.Super Junior unsurprisingly stole the show in 2012.

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To. The fan that I love! My everything, E.L.F..

I am Super Junior’s Leeteuk!! Ah…now, I am soldier-in-training number 85, Park Jungsoo!!

Has everyone been well? I passed from Uijeongbu and is now doing well with brothers that are 10, 11 years younger than me at Baekmashin training centre. 

From suju’s leader to now, taking on a role as a company leader soldier in the army.

As expected, even at this place, I can feel the huge popularity!^-^

I had a lot of uneasiness and fear before coming in here but now that it’s actually happening, it feels like its nothing 

and also, thank you for the hand-written and internet letters! While reading the letters word by words clearly, its not once or twice that I had strong feelings. Thank you.

Its something that I am always thankful for. Even the day when I enlisted, there was a awesome crowd. As expected, the best!!

And also, from the 7th anniversary to the College Scholastic Ability exams. I am sorry that I couldn’t take care of those one by one personally.

Do you know that the more I work, the more I want to meet you all? I miss doing the world tour with our members and being able to see the blue lightsticks and hearing the cheering sounds.Ah! and also, the DVD that is selling in Japan is number one! and also, boys in city.

To the people awaiting to see my image, I am preparing so please anticipate!!

The end of year award ceremonies that are left, It would be good if everyone can smile brightly and end it well!

Really miss you and miss you and miss you and really want to see you see you see you

everyone…you have to be happy and healthy! Like it has been said that you don’t smile because you are happy but because smiling is a happy thing..

Everyone, be well!! E.L.F-ya!! I love you…

Translated by: @teukables
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Yoona SNSD vows to Super Junior’s Leeteuk To to visit him in the Military

Yoona become a surprise guest on episode 6 November of SBS ‘Strong Heart’.

Yoona gave Leeteuk Super Junior a SNSD signed CD and hugged him then says, “He is a leader who not only lead the Super Junior but the whole company. I worried about who would take over his place.”

He added, “I’m going to go visit him while in the military if my schedule allowed me. I hope this album will help him,  hopefully  it makes him stronger during the military”.

MC the event said, “When you go to the military, SNSD CD will be your weapon” and Boom adds, “If you give it to your boss, they would be crazy.”


in this episodes also attended by some SM artis, including SHINee jonghyun, teamin, TVXQ yunho and changmin. and eunhyuk and yesung

Source: allkpop



Leeteuk revealed that he had received an message from Psy.

Through the latest episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Leeteuk send 100 text message to the celebrity with the message “I’ll miss you” as part of a special episode ‘Goodbye Leeteuk’

One recipient is Psy, who then gave the answer “Army … it was good .. Eat plenty of foods like greasy Chinese food or fried chicken, and sweet things. If you have any questions, you can always call me “

The last part of the message is to make the laughter of the guests and the audience. As you well know, that Psy know more about military life than other Korean men, because he had to undergo military service twice, because his previews issue.


source : allkpop