Super Junior showed off some photos after arrived in Brazil

Yesterday, Super Junior leaving Korea for South America to begin their world tour concert “Super Show 5” in some countries there. The members of Super Junior also showed their enthusiasm when they left for Brazil.

While they transited in Los Angeles Donghae tweeted that he will fly to Brazil. He also showed off his selca with Choi Siwon. Donghae, Siwon and Eunhyuk shared their pictures while enjoying the nice weather in Brazil while jogging and swimming.

“We just arrived!! Brazil ~ ~ RU Ready?? We just hang out!! Let’s rock & roll,” Donghae tweeted. “We have star jogging in Brazil ~ ~ ^ ^”

Ryeowook and Henry also uploaded their selca on the plane. While Eunhyuk tweeted Portugis language to greet fans before leaving to Brazil.

Brazil is the first location of their concert tour “Super Show 5” in South America. Afterward, Super Junior is scheduled to perform in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Concert in Brazil on April 21 tickets for 5 thousand seats were sold out when the sale opened.

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This year Super Junior come back to hold their routine concert Super Show 5, it seems that they get a huge attention from the the fans. Super Junior indeed always presenting an unexpected concept in every their concert, from the cross-dressing, sexy dances from the members members and so on.

Some time ago, enewsworld held a poll for their readers. This poll was held from date of March 26 until with 2 April. Their readers are invited to choose “Which Tour Concert Of Idol are you Waitting the Most?”

This poll involves some idol which will or being carry out their concert on year 2013, such as Super Junior, G-Dragon Big Bang, CN Blue, Teen the Top and JYJ.

Based results poll, Super Junior is an idol whose concert with most eagerly anticipated this year, Super Junior which always show a new things in their concert successed in occupying the the first position with total 44.9% poll.

The second position is occupied by JYJ with 36% votes. JYJ is a former idol made ​​by SM Entertainment whose out of the agency because of their internal problems and now JYJ successfully stand on its own and can prove to the fans that they are able to become more powerful than ever.

The third position is occupied by Teen Top with 7.4% votes. Teen Top whose has now been recognized by K-Pop lovers all around the world, next May will be holding their first concert, titled ‘2013 Teen Top # 1 Asia Tour ‘. The Concert will be held on May 11-12, whose took place in Seoul. Then after that, Teen Top will hold their first concert in Kobe, Japan on May 21 to 22

The fourth position is occupied by G-Dragon with 7% of the vote. G-Dragon whose this year held a solo concert titled 1st World Tour 2013: G-Dragon [One of a Kind] was able to prove if he is an the most anticipated idol.

And the last position is occupied by the CN Blue which is will hold a concert on the 6th of April in Taiwan. CN Blue concert, titled 2013 CN BLUE MOON BLUE WORLD TOUR made the reader anticipate to their concert and get 4.8% of the vote.

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Super Junior sells out ‘Super Show 5′ in Brazil

Super Junior has proved their Hallyu superstar status.

The group will be traveling to Brazil to hold their ‘Super Show 5‘ concert on April 21. The tickets for the concert have been completely sold out and there’s a lot of precaution in place for their highly anticipated arrival. The Sao Paulo airport will be bringing the biggest scale of safety guards out to make sure no one gets hurt on the day the boys arrive.

Brazil is the first stop for Super Junior on their 4-country tour in South America. According to SM Entertainment, the on-site concert producers collaborated with the airport to provide 10 times the regular amount of safety guards compared to most other pop artists.

Because all 5,000 (some says actually 7000+) seats are already sold out, many fans who weren’t able to obtain a ticket have been willing to pay high prices for already sold tickets. Additionally, due to overwhelming requests from fans, the concert venue has lifted the ban on glowsticks for the first time since its opening in 1999.

After their concert in Brazil, Super Junior will be heading to Argentina, Chile, and Peru!

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Super Junior Talks About Getting Old and New Tricks It Has for ‘Super Show 5’

The Super Junior members set out to raise expectations for the Super Show 5 concert in Seoul at a press conference held before the big show at Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium on March 24.

Eunhyuk said, “I’m filled with emotions thinking about how far ‘Super Show’ has come as a brand. I ask for your hot interest and support.”

Yesung said, “Super Junior is already going on eight years as singers. The first digit (of our ages) is beginning to change. Honestly, it’s something I realized while having concerts and going on world tours, but when I go on stage, rather than feel physical burdens, I actually feel happier.” 

He continued, “We’ve had concerts in countries all around the world, and when I stand before the many fans, I think that’s where I get my strength. Everyone is exercising really hard. As younger friends make their debuts, I’m working hard to maintain my boyish looks and stay in top condition.”

Maknae Kyuhyun said, “We’re starting ‘Super Show 5,’ and the members have gotten older since the previous years. Even though I’m the maknae, the time has come for me to rely on my strength for stamina, and the members are exercising a lot individually. We’re working hard to show that public that Super Junior is still alive and kicking.”

On what sets this tour apart from the previous shows, Shindong said, “Unlike the first four tours, the members participated in [putting together] most of the stages. The song selection, costumes and stage concepts are a reflection of the members’ input.

Shindong heightened expectations for the show, adding, “We tried a number of things, from appearing and vanishing suddenly to levitating, and this time we’re even drawing out a dream note. It’s as big as a 3,000 inch screen. We even used full mapping technology to project it.

“Because the members have gathered their own know-how, everyone knows their role really well and what the fans like as well,” said Eunhyuk. “When it came to choosing songs, we thought performing songs that we haven’t shown before is for the fans who come to every ‘Super Show.’ We practiced the choreography a lot too and put a lot of thought into the costume as well as other areas. Even though it may be lacking, we hope you look on it well.” 

Following the Seoul shows, Super Show 5, which is set to be one of the largest scale world concert series for a Korean artist, will travel to China, Japan, Indonesia, South America and Europe after the Seoul concerts. Super Junior will take the show to San Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru from April 21 to 27.

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On press conference of Super Junior’s highly-anticipated Super Show 5 that was held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on March 24, Kangin, who was discharged from the army last year, said on being able to participate in the show again, “I’m back since ‘Super Show 2.’ I was lacking in many ways because it has been a long time since I last joined, but it was possible because the members pulled me along.”

Kangin enlisted in the army following a drunk driving incident in which he took time off to reflect upon his actions. “The members enjoying themselves hasn’t changed, but I noticed that they had become more experienced and pro-like,” said Kangin. “The members have become more relaxed than before. While with them, I’m feeling the thought that I need to catch up in my bones.” He continued, “This time, we’ve put aside our individual interests and are thinking of ways to look and do our best as a team.” Kangin will put on a solo performance at this concert, performing the late Kim Gwang Suk’s Around Thirty. On why he chose that song, Kangin said, “My having turned 30 is one reason, but the fans are getting older too, and I chose the song because I wanted to share that with them.” Super Show 5 is set to be one of the largest scale world concert series for a Korean artist, and it will travel to China, Japan, Indonesia, South America and Europe after the Seoul concerts. Super Junior will take the show to San Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru from April 21 to 27.

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Super Show 5 concert have just ended a few hours ago, the Super Junior members opened up about the world tour at a press conference held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul on March 24 today.

On embarking on the world tour, member Shindong said, “This concert is particularly significant. We’ve set a goal to surpass one million audience members and 100 shows.”

“As much as concertgoers have shown their support, we want to achieve the goal of surpassing one million audience members through this tour,” continued Shindong. “The goal of ‘Super Show 5’ is to surpass one million concertgoers and 100 shows.”

Member Eunhyuk added, “In preparing for this Super Show, my mindset was to work hard and return to the original resolve I had while preparing for the first Super Show. There are a lot of similarities with ‘Super Show 1.’ I poured all of my know-how into the show. Please look forward to it.”

Super Junior’s Super Show world tour series began in 2008, and this year’s Super Show 5 is set to be the largest scale concert tour for a Korean artist.

After kicking off in Seoul on March 23 and 24, Super Show 5 will take travel to China, Japan, Indonesia, South America , Europe and more. From April 21 to 27, the tour will take on San Paolo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.

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