2013 is off to a great start in K-pop with the return of some of the top acts in the music industry. Even though digital sales have been steadily taking over the physical album sales, this year many idols have enjoyed high album sales.

The ranking isn’t exactly scientific as album releases vary by date, and certain albums have more than one part or include repackage editions. But still, when’s a ranking ever not fun?

Here is a list of the top 10 artists who sold the most albums in 2013 so far from January 1 to April 30 courtesy of Gaon:

1. SHINee

283,189 albums sold (Part 1 & Part 2)
Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You‘ released February 2
Why So Serious?: Misconceptions of Me‘ released April 26
SM Entertainment

2. Girls’ Generation

282,760 albums sold
I Got a Boy‘ released January 1
SM Entertainment

3. Jaejoong

206,740 albums sold (EP & Repackaged Album)
I‘ released January 17
Y‘ released February 26
C-JeS Entertainment


158,084 albums sold
New Challenge‘ released March 21
Woollim Entertainment

5. Cho Yong Pil

150,000 albums sold
Hello‘ released April 24
YPC Production


118,666 albums sold
RE:BLUE‘ released January 14
FNC Entertainment


91,958 albums sold
Fly High‘ released January 10
Woollim Entertainment

8. B.A.P

77,990 albums sold
One Shot‘ released February 12
TS Entertainment


76,917 albums sold
No.1‘ released February 25
T.O.P Media

10. Super Junior-M

50,505 albums sold
Break Down‘ released January 7
SM Entertainment

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Although Henry is still young, but Henry  apparently not afraid to express his opinions on “Celebrity MasterChef Korea”. In the latest episode of the cooking competition, Henry even dare to argue with one of the judges for not agree with his opinion. Representatives of production “Korean Celebrity MasterChef” is confirming that Henry indeed had argued with the judge Kang Leo. “The episode on March 22 will be a hot debate between judge Kang Leo and Henry,” said the representative of the programe.
At that time Kang Leo watched Henry and do not agree with henry’s way to cook. “You can not make a dish with this recipe. Repeat the process again!” Leo said.

However, Henry did not budge and facing Leo with a confident smile. “Are you sure this recipe will not work?” Henry said challenging the judge.

You can not make a perfect dish with a recipe that is not right,” Leo said. “You want to bet?” Henry challanged.
Henry cooking results will be aired on 22 March. “Korean Celebrity Master Chef” aired on Olive TV and starred by Fei miss A, comedian Shin Bong Sun and actor Kim Sung Soo.

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Zhou Mi (27) and Henry (24) of Super Junior M recently did an interview with Chosun and reveal some things you may not know about them.

Regarding China’s response to the appearance of “Break Down” in Korea, Henry and Zhou Mi stated, “we are in the stage performances Video Korea has received an explosion at the site of China.”

Zhou Mi revealed how he discovered K-pop by saying “village sheet is in Wuhan, Hubei. But since I was young, popular artists among my friends is a Korean artist.

Since elementary school, I’ve heard many times that I was the twin of HOT Kangta When I saw the Korean singers that can sing and dance well, I think that even if I never become a singer in Korea, I’m still going to learn a lot of things that are useful. I entered the audition UCC in 2007 and sang Toy ‘That I Was Once By Your Side’, and suddenly I received. ‘

Henry also shared how he joined SM Entertainment, “I am a Canadian who grew up in a Chinese family in Toronto. Although I love to sing and play instruments, I had no thought of becoming a singer.

But a friend of mine said to me, ‘If I were you, I would have won’, and asks me to enter the global auditions in Toronto in 2006. I was one of two selected people in the audition among 3,000 contestants, and I even surprised myself.

As a new trainee, For the first time I met TVXQ and greeted them in my way that I usually do ‘What’s going on man? Nice to meet you’ and raised my hand. But when I did that, the sunbae’s expression changed dramatically. ‘

Zhou Mi revealed that he also helps teaching Chinese to his fellow agency’s friends or artist, “I’m helping other groups to learn Chinese. I teach Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Luna, and other various chinese words when they return home from school. When the member of Super Junior recording their Chinese rap part, I’ve been in the studio for 12 hours to correct their pronunciation.’

When asked to assess their career from a total of 100 points, the members stated that they only rate 60 points and revealed there are still things that they want to achieve.

Henry shared his goals, “We want to show ourselves more often in Korea. We also want to perform in countries such as Russia, Spain, and Brazil. There are a lot of fan mail sent and asked us to go to those places”

While Zhou Mi stated, “I want to meet fans through acting and as an MC in Korea .. And the remaining 40 percent, we want to be in the Hallyu Wave.”

In addition to promoting “Break Down”, Zhou Mi recently starred in the Chinese drama as the main actor and currently Henry shows culinary ability in ‘Korean Celebrity Master Chef’.

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[News] Super Junior M Featured in “Saving General Yang” Soundtrack


【on.cc 東方互動 專訊】 鄭伊健、台灣藝人周渝民、吳尊、安以軒及鄭少秋等主演的電影《忠烈楊家將》,主題曲《我挺你》由中韓人氣組合Super Junior-M以普通話獻唱。電影公司靈機一觸,打算集合片中七兄弟及鄭少秋灌錄韓語版主題曲,與Super Junior-M火併!

“Saving General Yang” movie acted by Ekin Cheng, Taiwan artist Vic Zhou, WuZhun, Ady An and Adam Cheng etc, the title song “I will back you up” will be sang by China-Korea popular group Super Junior M in Chinese. The movie production company had an idea, and decided to gather the 7 brothers in the movie and Adam Cheng to record a korean version title song,against Super Junior M.

Source: on.cc